Private lessons and tutoring

Private lessons and one-to-one tuition help to develop skills, make progress and keep up to date. By following revisions given by qualified pedagogues, students are entitled to quality private tuition.

Private lessons at home

Home tuition is aimed at students who have shortcomings in their working methods, who have organisational problems and who lack the time to assimilate the lessons taught at school. Private lessons are given by experienced teachers. Thanks to better supervision, the student will be better supported. He will be able to work more serenely. Private tuition at home is for primary, middle school, high school and even university students. The objective of this support is to help the students succeed at school.

Private tuition & tutoring

Private lessons to prepare for the post-baccalaureate exam through a personalized program.

Help with homework

Homework help is intended primarily for primary and middle school students. High school and university students should give priority to group or private lessons. Personalized support allows the student to better assimilate the lessons. It can be a remedial course or a summer course.

Refresher courses

Refresher courses are tailor-made accompaniments. Refresher courses are tailored to meet the needs of each student. The objective is to find solutions to raise the learner’s academic level. These courses aim to restore confidence while helping him/her to overcome his/her shortcomings.


An internship to prepare for the “brevet des collèges” is an opportunity to review the French, mathematics and history-geography programs taught in 3ème. This personalised accompaniment allows you to better organise your revisions thanks to efficient working methods.

Find your private tutor

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The search for tutors can be done by consulting the announcements published on certain Internet platforms.

To give them a good education, parents should entrust the teaching of their children to experienced teachers. Tutors can have a lot of influence on a student. The aim of the teacher is to help the child to better master the subjects he or she has difficulty understanding in class. He or she studies the child’s shortcomings and then helps him or her to overcome them. His goal is to accompany him well in order to establish a special bond. This is why the choice of teacher is crucial.

Courses in all subjects!

Private lessons allow children to benefit from an optimal revision. Studious students make academic progress.


Depending on his or her specialities, a language teacher can teach English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese… These language courses are not exclusively for young people. Adolescents and adults can also follow this type of special teaching.


Fitness and cardiotraining enthusiasts, take part in various courses to appear in top shape. Sports fans can choose Zumba as an activity to sculpt their silhouettes. Thanks to the physical education class, you can improve your cardiopulmonary capacities and enjoy other benefits.


Want to learn a musical instrument? Music lessons are an opportunity to learn to play guitar, piano, drums, violin… Lessons and exercises are given for different levels.

Art and leisure

Fine arts classes teach you how to express your creativity. A teacher is available to help you during the workshops of scrapbooking, oil/acrylic painting, mosaic, pastel drawing…