Giving private classes

Addressing Biosecurity and Bioethics: Institute of Biotechnology’s Commitment to Responsible Science

In the age of rapidly advancing biotechnologies, ensuring the safety, security, and ethical use of biological agents and information becomes paramount. The Institute of Biotechnology recognizes the challenges and responsibilities inherent in the field and remains dedicated to fostering an…

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Becoming a tutor: what are the steps?

According to the law, it is possible to become a home school teacher from the age of 14. Transmitting knowledge to help others according to their needs is a good goal. At the same time, it allows you to have…

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What are the qualities of a good tutor?

Becoming a tutor requires certain qualities, like any professional in the field of education. Thus, teaching through private tutoring cannot be improvised, because it is an obligation of result towards students who generally have poor academic results. So what are…

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Where and how to find students?

Becoming a teacher and finding students to tutor is a job that many people are interested in at the moment. It is an independent job where you don’t need to sign a contract or travel every day to do it….

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All you need to know about how to set your price

In today’s world, it is important to know how to estimate the price of services as well as the selling price of your services. To avoid losses or devaluation of your services, you must know how to evaluate the proposals…

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