In today's world, it is important to know how to estimate the price of services as well as the selling price of your services. To avoid losses or devaluation of your services, you must know how to evaluate the proposals you make, whether you are a teacher or a professional service provider. In order to help you in setting the prices you are going to propose, you can use this document as a guide.


Indeed, setting the price of a service is a difficult thing because if you choose an exorbitant price, you will scare away customers. On the other hand, a price that is too low can also lead people to underestimate your services. So you have to price well before you offer your prices. When pricing a course for a teacher, the first thing to do is to categorize the courses so that people have more choice. For example, for a music teacher, the courses can be divided according to the path the student wishes to follow, whether he or she chooses professional courses or partial and classical courses. The price of a one-to-one course is then sometimes high because the teacher devotes time to allow clients to have a full course at home or at the location of their choice.


To set your price, you can take reference to a few factors. First of all, you must estimate the quality and efficiency of your courses, then the availability of your courses. You can also choose the audience and the category of people you wish to reach especially in the field you master. For example, for professional music courses, you need to target people who already know something about the field but who just need a little help to evolve. To set the price of a particular course, you can choose certain criteria that will justify the price you set.


In order to set the price of your services, you need to set the times and availability of your courses. You can then give the price for normal days excluding weekends and holidays and give a higher price on special days. The date as well as the duration of the course can influence the price of a particular course because the availability of the teacher is the most important factor for the course to take place.