Becoming a tutor requires certain qualities, like any professional in the field of education. Thus, teaching through private tutoring cannot be improvised, because it is an obligation of result towards students who generally have poor academic results. So what are the qualities of a tutor that define his or her effectiveness?


In order to help a student with academic difficulties in order to increase his or her average, the solution most often used by parents is generally the use of a private teacher. This makes the task of a private teacher a little bit complex, as it is a matter of succeeding where classroom teachers have failed. Thus, the knowledge and experience of a private teacher on a subject is required not only to fill in the gaps in the classroom, but also to prepare the student for further study. The university level is then the minimum requirement for effective tutoring. On the one hand, it will be easier to communicate with the student because he or she has just finished high school. On the other hand, the fee can be lowered.


Sometimes a student's academic failure is due to the accumulation of gaps during his or her schooling. This is due to the fact that the curriculum follows a strict timetable that leaves little time for assimilation of knowledge. However, with the patience and tolerance that are the qualities of a private teacher, these deficiencies can easily be remedied. Indeed, classroom teaching does not allow for individual supervision of students, which sometimes leads to poor academic results. However, a private teacher has time and tolerance to spare in order to offer maximum support to a pupil in all that he or she cannot understand, even the most basic things.


By law, you must be at least 14 years old before you can offer private tutoring. This is not a problem if you have a university education, because generally speaking, you are in the majority when you study at university. The law also states that all staff of public institutions must have a certain eligibility to be able to offer private tutoring. These eligibility conditions set by the Ministry of National Education and Youth are available on the Ministry's website. Moreover, to set a good example for students, declare your income.