Learning another language offers students and professionals many advantages, as it gives them tools to interact with people, increase their social and professional network, learn about other cultures and stimulate the different parts of the brain that stimulate creativity. We all know that today, not everyone has the time to take language courses on-site and that e-learning is on the rise. Learning both in person, online and in a given country and immersing oneself in the language are crucial steps to success. There are hundreds of language apps, but here are the best smartphone apps for learning foreign languages.


Duolingo is one of the top rated smartphone apps for learning foreign languages. It teaches through repetition, speech and conversation. Lessons are made to increase in difficulty as the student progresses. It is very much like a video game where each player receives experience points (xp) for every correct answer. The currency used in this application is called Bullion and can be used for items in their virtual store. Although this application is excellent, it doesn't require much grammar, as it focuses on only 10 of the most commonly used verb tenses in order to allow novice users to learn the language as quickly as possible. This application is free of charge, but of course you can always pay for a Duolingo certificate which costs 45 euros.


Memrise is a very effective application for learning 10 different languages. This application teaches users how to speak a specific language by asking them to memorize different words. It uses flash memory cards and repetition to make learning faster and easier. The interesting part about this application is its online community that creates its courses. These courses are mainly used to teach languages, but also cover other academic and non-academic subjects. Using a smartphone app to learn foreign languages will provide you with daily exercises where you can listen, repeat and write new words and phrases.


Similar to Duolingo, Babbel uses the same system of sentence repetition and completion. Users can choose from 13 languages and download them individually to learn each one in its entirety. Babbel also uses a game feature similar to Duolingo that allows students to set goals as they learn a new language and monitor their progress. This application, like Duolingo, can be downloaded for free, but offers the possibility of a monthly subscription starting at 10 euros.