Entrance to the grandes écoles is not as simple as it seems, as you have to pass a competitive examination to get into them. To pass this exam, students do not hesitate to take a preparatory course for the grandes écoles. At first glance, this may seem easy, but in reality it requires a lot of effort. Fortunately, there is another possible route: parallel admission. Like admission by title, it consists of integrating students who already have diplomas and who are not from the preparatory class. In this case, it is a form of admission to the Grandes Ecoles.


Even if parallel admission is a means of entering the grandes écoles of one's choice, this does not mean that entry is made easier. On the contrary, admission remains selective, whether to engineering or business schools. This is evidenced by the fact that recruitment is based on a selection of applications or by competitive examination. It should be noted that the competitive examination is generally reserved for students who already have a university degree, such as the DUT, licence or BTS. It takes place in two phases: eligibility (written) and admission (oral). Because of this difficulty, it is always advisable to proceed with the parallel pre-admission. A year of preparation for parallel admissions is also necessary in order to choose one's professional project and to successfully enter the school of one's choice. If possible, it is advisable to see this site for more information.


Nowadays, the grandes écoles aim to diversify their recruits. This has led them to integrate students from other backgrounds. This is the case for those who follow a parallel admission. Indeed, it is easier for a student with a law degree to enter a business school. At the end of the program, they will be able to take advantage of their dual skills to shine in the professional world. In addition, the business school for parallel admissions also allows students to continue their studies in the same field. At the end of the course, they will be able to obtain a high level diploma to enter professional life with confidence.


Parallel admission is one of the best ways to enter the grandes écoles, especially if you do not have a good academic record. Indeed, the institutions generally base themselves on the results of studies after the baccalaureate. This is the case of marks during the exams for the licence or BTS. In addition, the grandes écoles also take into account the student's academic and professional background. This is why they take into account internships and work-study programmes during the university curriculum. Thus, in order to pass the entrance exam, it is advisable to work on your written work and your motivation, in order to meet the profile required by the high level establishments.