More and more students are finding it difficult to follow what is being taught at school. The reasons for this vary according to the pupil in question: lack of attention during lessons, learning and assimilation difficulties, etc. In the face of these difficulties, private tuition is the ideal solution. Private lessons and online training are also necessary for students and professionals who want to improve in what they do. There are, however, two choices available: calling on a private tutoring agency, or taking courses on an online platform.


There are several online tutoring platforms. A private tutoring platform has several advantages to its credit, but on the downside, it also has some notable disadvantages. One of the greatest advantages of e-learning is the flexibility of time. Indeed, it is possible to accommodate the learning time with the busy person's schedule, as it can be done at any time of the day or night. It is also very practical because all you need is a computer and an internet connection. This kind of learning also has the advantage of being very profitable, especially for vocational training. No more need to travel to attend classes, the course content is online and can be reviewed at any time. There is no longer any question of spending money on equipment and work materials.


However, online platforms have some disadvantages. The most notable is that the formation can be a bit lonely. You don't have the opportunity to make friends when you're taking courses on your own. It is true that there is the possibility of participating in online discussions, but there are people who have difficulty doing so. Classes can also be impersonal. Spending too much time in front of a computer screen can be dangerous for your health, especially your eyes. And finally, the problem that almost all e-learners have is the problem of self-discipline linked to too much freedom.


Tutoring through agencies is for children still in school. The main advantage of this solution is that it is totally adapted to the needs of the child. The tutor should be able to adapt his or her lessons to the child's shortcomings. If the child is not able to progress with the help of the teacher in question, it is possible to ask for another teacher through the agency.