The preparatory courses are essential to pass the language exams and to earn international certificates such as ielts and toefl ibt for English and delf for French. Find tips here to help you choose the right courses or how to prepare for these exams.


There are several ways to prepare for exams and even pass them without a hitch. Try to find the right methods to help you learn more about the courses that are right for you. First of all, the classic method, which is the book for the economic side. It's more practical than watching videos or films in OV and enriching you with new words. The books are often accompanied by CDs to help you in practice and audio. The internet connection is not necessary, but conversation classes are required for oral practice. Then, at the university if you want intensive courses, with direct preparation for the toefl ibt or ielts exam or for the delf and dalf. For the price which is attractive and the prioritization of the students in the school, it is very advantageous. And there are also stays abroad or internships in an agency that will allow you to practice directly in the field, for the agency it is advantageous if it is close to your home, but for the stays it is a little more expensive. And then there are private lessons too, which allow you to improve your level and your ability to express yourself. And finally, there are the courses on your mobile phone or on the internet, which are also practical, efficient and motivating, because you learn in a didactic and autonomous way, even if you have to pay every month or the bill is exorbitant. By searching online or looking for typical toeic, bulats or tcf subjects.


Preparations are always recommended when you don't have too much luggage to do the tests. They can give you ideas on how to take the tests. These courses, whether private or intensive, require money and perseverance. Online courses are best for people who are busier or don't have time to go to institutions. The wide choice of preparatory courses helps you to find the type of course that suits you according to your time and money and even your flexibility. Like the book courses that you can take wherever you go. So be motivated and determine your goals by creating strategies that fit your schedule.


It is advisable to manage your time well so as not to be in for a big surprise on the big day. Be up to date with each exercise in tests such as toeic and toefl by listening to BBC for learning English grammar vocabulary and news. Or for language tests in French like delf, specialized establishments are there to provide you with sample topics and adequate preparation. Regular practice is the main key and a method to immerse yourself in the habit of learning and languages. Use the possible resources you have such as the internet or software. It all depends on what you have so if you don't have internet access then don't force the use of it. If you are more of a book person, then go for books. If you find it difficult to work on your own, do the preparatory courses in an intensive institution.